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2017 Australian Adult Industry Awards

Australia's Most Prestigious Adult Awards Show

AAIA commenced in 2001 and is an awards scheme designed to showcase the growing Australian Adult Industry and will include brothels, escorts agencies, strippers, Adult retail stores, film and video productions, men's bars and everything associated with the Adult Industry, Australia wide.

Nominees have been selected for this year's awards night being held in Melbourne on 5th July. This year SpunkD has proudly been nominated for Best Adult Retail Store, with Club 29 having been nominated for Best Gentlemen's Club.

Brisbane, here is our chance to show Australia how well we can do it up here in sunny Queensland. We are just as good as any other state, if not better.

Both SpunkD and Club 29 were started with no major financial backing. Each of the owners have risked so much of their own financial security to start their businesses. SpunkD & Club 29 have been in operation now just over 4 years. Together as a team, they have strived to give Brisbane something to be proud of.

Over the past 4 years everyone involved has overcome so many challenges. Many of you would appreciate owning a small business isn't easy at all, and there certainly isn't any time to your self. So much of yourself 'as a person' is poured into the business, sometimes you end up forgetting who you are. The fundamentals of running a small business are the same across the board, regardless of industry, cash flow, budgeting, planning etc.

It is a business, and yes all businesses are out to make money. However the majority of small businesses are run by owners whom are extremely passionate about the industry. They are most often very supportive of their community and strive to give them the best they can, while being something the community can be proud of.

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