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EStim - Electro Play

Heard about Estim but not really sure what it's all about?

Estim, E-Stim, stimming or electro are all short for electronic stimulation and falls under the genre of Electro Play. There are a few different types of Electro Play, but Estim is certainly the most popular.

Electro play uses electricity direct to the person mostly for sexual stimulation, although some people use them in other ways as the sensations that can be created are varied. It is also widely used in medical applications. Basically a current is run through the top few layers of skin to generate sensation through the nerves and muslces. Depending on the power this can be a light tickle, buzzing or fluttering sensation. On the more intense power setting this can be a strong hard muscle clenching, a strong prickling sensation or a hard clamping sensation.

Estim involves using a controller (often known as a power pack, power box or just controller) that electrifies various toys and tools that can be placed on or in the body. These tools can be simple things like sticky conducive pads, through to cock rings and dildos and more esoteric toys like butt plugs, sounds, pinwheels, floggers and paddles. Not all toys fit all power packs hower, as some have different connectors or different sized connection pins, however adaptors are available to allow toys and power boxes from different brands to be used together.

Most controllers have a range of built in programs that make the current pulse and fluctuate. Some are basic or analog and use wave patterns, while others are digial and have a larger variety of settings and options. All have the ability to control how strong the current is running, allowing a range of sensations from barely detectable to intense and/or painful.

Estim uses a positive and negative to direct the current from one place to another, following the basic rules of electricity. Almost all Estim powerpacks will have two cables that lead to a red and black pin or connector on the end of the cable.

Estim toys come in either single pole, or bi-polar. A single pole toy is used in conjuction with another single pole tool or toy, say a sticky pad which could be used with a single pole cock ring. Single pole toys only have one plug to plug into the controller, and would either act as the positive or negative, which would allow the current to travel from one toy to the other (say pad to a cockring, butt plug to pad etc). Bi polar toys on the other hand run the current from one part of the toy to another part of the same toy, this is especially good for toys like butt plugs and dildos as it keeps the current in a controlled space. Both kinds are great when used with some creativity and exploration.

There are a variety of E-stim manufacturers all having different power packs and toys. Some people will even use medical ones, however the general rule is that medical units are usually a lot more powerful than the specially made sex units, meaning that even a small toy on a low setting might be just too much. Electrastim and Mystim are the two current mainstream brands suppling power boxes and toys, although other brands include E-Stim (the brand), Erostek and Zeus.

Estim is deep. While you can get a basic unit and run with it, you'll find a lot more fun and success when you start to experiment with placement, pattern type and toy type. It's an activity that can be done solo or with other people. You can do it for wonderful pleasure or if it's your thing it can be done for intense pain.

We currently stock the Electrastim range at Spunk'D and always have a unit that you can try out, please feel free to ask the staff any questions you may have.

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