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Men's Only Dance Party - Good Friday

Rigid - Men's ONLY Dance Party!!

Many Brisbane boys believe that Melbourne and/or Sydney is the place to be for HOT MENS ONLY DANCE parties. With many believing NOTHING happens in Brisbane....WRONG!!

On Good Friday... Club 29 will be location to be at. Rigid is an annual event hosted at Club 29, where you are free to be YOU!!! All the facilities of the club are open to this event, from garden area offering a relaxing space to sit and chill, among the lush tropical plants. Also offer plenty of seating to catch up with your mates and possible meet some new ones!!!

Leading straight in out of the garden area, the hot dance floor area awaits. Filled with incredible laser lights, and bass thumping tunes from Brisbane's HOTTEST DJs...including Les Smith. Between the music pumping, laser lights and old school smoke-machine, its the perfect combination for busting out all your groovy moves on the dance floor.

Next the dance is an open in-door space, safe for play and/or talking to your mates. This event is non-lincesed event, however BYO is allowed and supported, with large ice buckets located in the garden area.

Club 29 is well-known for it's outstanding facilities upstairs in the play areas. With a total of 3 Sex Slings - 1 in the meat-locker which can be completely private or you can allow people to watch. There is another sling located next to the porn TV , this sling is open for others to join in or just stand back and watch the hot man on man action.

The club also offers many private rooms and suckatorium space down stairs behind the lounge area. The club also offers 2 complete dark rooms, adding that extra excitement of not knowing who your are fucking and/or sucking.

Of course if all this gets too much why don't you pop into SpunkD check out the latest products or perhaps buy yourself a new pair of sexy jocks. SpunkD will also be bag cloaking on the night. As this is an actual EVENT, being hosted at Club 29, there way you enter the club and leave your belongings is different to Club 29 general process.

Don't forget Grunt T-Party on Sunday April 30

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