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So you haven't notice SpunkD has currently been going through some changes, in-store, and online. SpunkD has been in operation for the past 41/2 half years and now its time for a fresh new look.

The store has been re-modelled and repainted. With a fresh new look and bold new colours. SpunkD started with their noticeable colour scheme of red and black. With the re-modelling SpunkD has introduced yellow and blue to their colour scheme. Using this combination of colours, ties in with the 3 most popular colours in the leather scene.

A brand new logo is in production and will be finalised soon. But SpunkD can confirm the current splatter has been de-commisioned. SpunkD has also made a small change to the spelling, the apostrophe in between the K & D has been removed.

SpunkD - Website

The new website has been completely re-built. The site has more new and exciting features and is more user friendly. It has also been adapted for mobile and tablet users. Customers are invited to write reviews on their favourite products. Paypal has is offered as a payment method, offering customers more options at the check-out and more security.

Not all of SpunkD's in-store products have been added to the website, these will be over coming weeks. Customers can now even shop via Facebook.

SpunkD is also introducing their own line of genuine leather clothing and accessories. The fabulous Miss Tara has been busy on the sewing machine, and hopefully joining the team soon will be the amazing and beautiful Mandy Moobs. SpunkD currently has in stock some kilts, a leather vest and jocks. We also welcome customers to ask about custom leather work. The leather is being sourced from a local leather wholesaler.

Miss Tara has also put together some 'tradie' inspired harnesses. You will stand out in the dark with these hi-vis fluro harness, starting from just $39.

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